Saturday, May 29, 2004

Hello Beautiful World

I think I am still in love. My heart will burst. The sky is so blue, the downtown people are so beautiful. The flesh of the Valley tourists is so smooth and marblesque... the bellies of the harley men, the shoulders and hips of the college kids, bald men abounded (they even danced... is that sinful?), the legs of the women wearing the manolos and carrying the shopping bags, the textures of the hippies. Everyone was lovely today.

I just got back from a terrific movie... "Bon Voyage" and entertaining historical french flick with the Immortal Gerard Depardieu. It was the Celestial Being's idea. Good call. Listening to Gerard speak in French is candy for the ears.

How will I account for the day? How have I spent this precious, sunny Saturday? I smiled at the young. I left the art room clean, and the supplies neatly put away. I passed good checks. I returned all my phone calls. I replied to my e-mails. How does one measure the value of one's daily actions?

I think I am still in love.

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