Sunday, May 30, 2004

Just returned home from a Mall Adventure with La Tia Loca. Had a hot fudge Sundae and then nachos (in true Iron Man fashion... dessert always comes first in my mother's family) at The Saturn Cafe. Then we wandered a bit, soaked up the Mall Vibe. She was impressed by the size of the crowds and how little it resembled Big Shaft's DT area. We had big fun at Logos. But I didn't see anyone I knew! I was so disappointed.

Choir was difficult today. I almost passed out when we had to hum for long periods of time... the my own voice rattles in my head and I can't hear anything else and neither can I breath. I had a fantasy of the choir doing that segment with kazoos. I think we could get somber black kazoos, and then we wouldn't be passing out (and we would preserve that nasally sound that O Captian Our Captain seems to want) and it would still be respectful. For some reason one of the songs gave me a weird New York flashback and I started crying right in the middle of it. (it wasn't even a sad memory) I am going to blame hormones. I really like singing with the choir, the music is powerful and I get lost in it in a good way. If I am just singing in a large group, I get bored and I start translating the lyrics into spanish or french, or a combination of the two... but if I have to worry about the pitch and rounding my vowels, its enough to keep my mind busy. Its good to worship with the community, it keeps me focused and its nice to be a part of something beautiful.

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