Thursday, May 20, 2004

I am still glowing from the post-hanging-out-with-invigorating-friends joy.

Picked up Mr Wobbly from his Big Shaft Software Company digs. Then we tooled up the Worlds Most Beautiful Freeway to his Mission Street penzione. Our repast consisted of an ambrosian 4-buck burrito al pastor. Ever since New York, I can't eat a burrito without revelling in the beauty of it all (the novelty of having EVERYTHING contained within the tortilla STILL has't rubbed off). We sat on a quiet little street in Bernal Heights to eat (since it was a cash only burrito joint, we opted for the take-away.. but the place still charged us tax (there was some mighty deep digging into the recesses of my purse for spare change)). The street we were on (Fair Ave?) reminded me of Solvang (maybe it was the cute little gingerbread houses, the narrow, vertical streets, maybe it was the garden gnomes??).

Then we went to his flat, exchanged our books. Very cool stuff. Then Mr B- came and the party really started. The creativity energy crackled. We discussed our projects, and what we have been doing for the last 5 years. Nobody had been slacking. The inevitable sketch-book exchange was truly exciting. (oooh, I like the way you drew that bunny, he looks like a real astronaut! and the underwear full of diarrhea, you can practically FEEL the moisture on your cheeks).

It was hard to tear myself away.

We must do it again!

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