Thursday, May 20, 2004

My Mojo Has a Long Arm

Just had the weirdest IM exchange with a dude I "met" on Tribe. You know, "met" as in exchanged a few e-mails, a few IM converstions, and that is it. Really.

I am going to erase his handle from my buddy list. So there.

Oh bother... I tried to save the exchange (it was classic) but the file isn't showing up.

He said that the fact that he met me on the internet (but yet didn't know me) made his GF nervous. And he respects her wishes. Whatever. He lives in Boston, I had no designs upon his skinny ass whatsoever (the dude smokes!!). I suppose lots of weird stuff has happened to people via the internet... I can see where she would be nervous. We talked about art school and ethics! I mean, that is dangerous!

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