Tuesday, June 22, 2004

He Wrote

I haven't replied yet. He didn't mention anything about meeting. I am breathing deeply. He asked if I liked peanut butter. A trick question I wonder? I love Trader Joe's salted crunchy, myself.


Still working on my room. Part of cleaning is blogging. Yes, really. Still looking at housemates. We actually have a choice this year. What a blessing. Thank you Lord.

The floor, I need to clean my floor.

Drawing last night went not so great, I had a hard time focusing. Mr Wobbly loaned me the new issue of Juxtapoz. The second one this week to find its way into my possession. Does it mean something? Is this a sign from God? I decided to make last night's session an "embracing bad art night." I worked in LL's collab. book and I drew the model with a guage for a face, and bald and with poorly executed hands. Yippee.

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