Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Low Expctations

I am no longer a CL blind-date virgin. Mr Brazil, it turns out, can't follow directions. I told him that I would be in front of Lulu's. So I waited and waited, until the Contessa arrived, and suggested that we go inside, at which point, I saw Mr B for the first time (he had been waiting inside). He reminded my of my grandfather (he looked the way Pa looked about 20 years ago, when I was a kid). The pendulum has swung from the very young to the very old. I had thought he was in his forties, the Contessa and I can't agree on his age, but he looked to be in his fifties. And he wasn't from Brazil, he was from Argentina. And he has 2 ex-wives and two sons in Indiana. And he has a couple favorite Gurus, and a penchant for "being in the Light." When the Contessa had to go the BR, he took the opportunity to sit next to me. I was feeling the whole caught-in-a-sticky-social-situation-anxiety. After 45 minutes of torture (the contessa was so brave and polite and suportive, what would I have done without her calming presence?) I asked her what the time was, and I announced that I had a long day tomorrow, and I needed an early start. Total BS. I was nervous, and I kept playing with my glass of chai. He seems to have found some sort of religion between Buddhism and Christianity. Nice for him, but I want a nice orthodox boy.

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