Saturday, June 19, 2004

Heigh Ho

One of the charms of the Mall today has a lots of legs, big sticks and white people in funny costumes. LL was playing her pipes for the Morris dancers and she dragged me along and I got a private commentary as well. The ones in the black outfits, the White Rat Dancers, are the gay, sado-masochistic/bondage group. They didn't look particularly deviant to me, more like a group of garden gnomes (one portly grey-beard was sporting a red conical hat). I enjoyed their old man dance, where they traded hats, shuffled around and dropped things. The merry folks in the red vest are from The City. We were even graced by some local, beribboned, bechickened dancers (their pipist was playing a soprano sax.. yum yum). I could certainly feel the ol' 1/16 british blood stirring.

I am a bit nervous about the banner ads that this is going to produce...

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