Saturday, June 19, 2004

Why Ghost World is Better Than Terminal in Ten Complete Sentences

Steve Buscemi was perfect casting choice for the part of Seymour and he is a much better fit than the kitschy Hanks was for the cheesy Eastern European.

The females of GW are fully-fleshed characters, not just romantic foils, as Zeta Jones was in T (and, might I say, much more believable).

All of the brands that GW used to mock modern suburban culture were made up.

The soundtrack of GW is memorable and is worthy of purchase (that devil woman song was awesome).

GW features a wacky, hippee art-teacher-- I love her (Zwigoff didn't rely on cheesy Napolean and Josephine references to hammer-to-death a romantic mood).

GW has a plot.

GW has a female lead that I can relate to (slightly overweight, brunette, and sketchbook-carrying).

GW has better art (did you see the flash of the Robert Crumb record cover? and her skecthbook was very cool).

GW has more sympathy for society's overlooked and downtrodden poeple (instead of using stereotypes for comic relief as T did).

The clothing in GW was far more interesting than the clothing in T.

Plus, I saw GW under the Soquel Bridge, as opposed to the AMC down in the tragically misnamed City of the Holy Light (where there was a huge line, and tons of security). The pylon that they used to project the movie on had a stain on it that looked just like Che Guevara (some people said "christ" but that was a beret on his head, not a crown of thorns). We disturbed some disenfranchised youth who were no doubt doing drups when we marched down there with our lawn chairs. I also had the pleasure of meeting an SJ-bred barrel player, who had the most interesting accent... I thought he was british (maybe that impression was strengthened by the bowler he was wearing.. a sort of hippified Thompson twin).

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