Friday, July 16, 2004

*The banana is more than just a fruit from the tropics*

A friendly transient offered to demonize a banana that he got from Christians before he gave it to me. As if to purge it from christian cooties.

I don't know why I took it from him. I asked him why it was offensive to take a banana from Christians. (what made our exchange any different?) He didn't say... he just said that they did stuff like that at the Mall.

Yesterday I got a banana from the Massive Corporation. I haven't eaten it yet, it is still sitting in my fruit bowl.

He then asked me if I heard of Phillip K Dick. I made a vague affirmative. And he told me to hold that thought, becuase it would be VERY VERY relevant.

His name was Steven.

Who, by the way, is a character in Acts.

[insert creepy theremin music here]

Then we turned to the cinderblock wall and watched "Waking Life".

I think I am going to go bless that banana and eat it.

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