Sunday, July 18, 2004

Well, I have to get off the line in a few... so here's the good parts version of my weekend.

Shopped with the Inimitable Ms B at

the Belmont Salvation Army (2 coats, 2 little black dresses, a purse, little black shirt and various gift items)

Macy's got my eyebrows done by the Goddess and bought an obscene amount of chanel skin care products. I need them, dammit. Got bras at the dreaded VC (I only go there once a year)

The Polk area... little black skirt and strappy FM shoes.

The Fillmore... pink shoes, and another little black dress.

Dinner at J-town... first meal of the day. Went back to her place and crashed.

Went to the 9 AM service at Glide. the music was great and the rest of it, was, well, quite Than Franthithco.

Finally Stern grove, and the tens of thousands of fellow music afficianadoes listening to the west african grooves. (I always get a kick from the watching the white people thrash around).

then the daly city bart to drop off her Ex, and the to SM to drop off her, and then gas and then SC, and then church and then dinner and then fashion show with the contessa. Oh, I am ready for bed!

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