Tuesday, July 6, 2004

The Legendary Man Stables

In the quest to find "love that stays" I have been systematically emptying out the Man Stables over the last few months. Most the stallions have deserted of their own accord (some of them didn't even know of their stable-status). As I was walking down the street I realized that I honestly wasn't waiting for anyone to call, or write (pretty much have given up on the New Boy). Its such weird feeling. Is this "normalcy?" Or is it simply a phase?

I may even venture to say that it is empty. Granted a few whispy ghosts remain, but if I ignore them, I think they will blow away.

I wonder how long it will last? The old adage about nature and vacuums comes to mind. Maybe I should put some proverbial dynamite on the figurative barn.

I feel like a hermit. I can contemplate the city, far below my perch and laugh at all the little people running around after the wind.

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