Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Fat Girl Sighted Eating Cookies in the Mall

I wandered down town this evening because I was craving cookies. I needed a fix. I found myself at the Pacific Cookie Co and I ordered not just One Cookie, but a whole, entire HALF DOZEN of day old Mint Conditions.

There, its out. The world knows. I ate four (!) and the rest I put in the freezer. I really should just throw them away. They tasted so good, they were so succulent and delectable. The little bits of mint nested in the warm embrace of chocolate. yum.

May Ave Talked to Me

On my way to feed my addiction, I actually had a conversation with a May Ave denizen. He said "Howdy" from the stoop of the house that is surrounded by auto-body shops. He looked a bit impaired, so I was not terribly forthcoming when he asked how my Fourth was. I wished him a good evening and kept going.

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