Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I have a head ache.

not that I am complaining... its just the state of my cabeza at the moment.

I am finally home.

I have been in LA and Mutton View and Momland over the last few days.

Momland was great. The knee biter was in fine form. In exchange for financial help, Mom let me stay over and work on home improvement projects. I stuffed balls of cement in the gaps between the stucco walls and the new windows. It connected me to every person who has ever made a wattle-and-dab house, or anything involving chicken wire and cement. Cement is truly amazing stuff... the potential is endless. I got to stand outside all day and listen to the waves crashing, and smell the ocean.

LA was pretty unbelievable. I went to a luncheon, and one of the speakers was introduced as being a member of the Junior League. [gag!] I could say more, but I don't think it would be kind. I could go on about the pampered ladies who think they are furthering the cause of "art" by putting on luncheons and the LA Lifestyles calendar they were selling for ten bucks (watercolors illustrating risc people sucking down coffee on a halcyon afternoon, or rich people riding their gary fischers down foothill expressway, or rich people frollicking with their horses at the 'barn)

Mutton View was usual. I am still sharing an office with the Janitor. He is miffed about it as usual. (Cleaning up all that crap for the Great White Father AND sharing a kitchen with the $%^#%^&#% art teacher). Classes start on Monday, and I am only vaguely sure of what I will be teaching. Am I teaching? what is my name? Where is my car? huh?

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