Sunday, October 3, 2004

The endorphins that Currer released in my brain are still rattling around. Ahhhhh, everything is peachy. I love the telephone. We hadn't spoken at length for nearly a month! Had I not heard from him for longer, I might have calcified into a prudish church lady.

Went to the Foothill Book arts jam... there were a lot of pretencious book people but there were also a good share of genuine humans. I got a few people's addies, made some connections. All of this for the cost of 8 quarters for parking on the campus. (they really make you work for your parking... the lots are huge, and then you have to hike to the entrance with your tender, put it in the machine, and then hike to the back 40 where you stashed your car, unlock the damn thing, and then put the little receipt in a "visible spot" then you are ready scale the near verticle paths to the rooms). Sure, I needed the exercize.

The Elliot Eisner lecture last night at CSMA was terrific. I am so inspired. Damn right, the arts are critical to a good education. He's a prof at Stanford, and well known in the art ed circles. Or so I am told. I hung out afterwards and I got my own bottle of white wine. Then the D*ster (another jewish photographer) took pity on my drive to SC and brought me home to her pad where we stayed up til 2 and watched Sex in the City whilst we made necklaces (hers turned out way better than mine).

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