Monday, October 4, 2004

The house lights of the theater dim as the elegantly clad MC walks up to the podium. The forest green velvet curtains swish mysteriously. A blinding plate of light illuminates him.

“Ladies and Gentleman” his voice cuts through the air like a Concorde, “I would like to annouce the arrival of an important comic book.”

An expectant hush falls over the crowd.

“Come with me on a journey into the Deep.” His voice drops an octave as intones the word “deep”

“In a submarine that has a secret, a bloody secret, that threatens the very existence of the crew.”

“And what a crew! Have you ever seen two such ill-suited ship mates? Whose relationship has been marred by misunderstanding, sexual misconduct and confusion?”

The audience nodded at the recollection of the crew’s past misadventures.

“Let me present Submarine File Serial number 1711898! Not only is its covers jam packed with fabulous, realistic illustrations, but this episode boasts of SPEECH BUBBLES, TEXT (for you graphophobes out there) and EIGHT BONUS PAGES. Yours for a paltry $2!”

The silence disolves in a cacaphony of cheers and hollers.


I spent every free moment yesterday binding and trimming the next submarine file. It is finished (and on to the next one). Those of you who have subscriptions will get them in the mail, prolly later this week. The fireworks last night were great, except the parking was vile... I was threatened with tickets twice (it wasn’t my fault, I was blocked in on either side, I couldn’t move even if I wanted to). Next time, I am going to bike.

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