Friday, October 15, 2004

Hello sweet world. Still writing from LA

"yes, everyone at the penzione was [pause] extraordinary"
--Miss Honeychurch, from a Room with a View

Today was a nice day. My comic book writers came to class and four books are ready for the Mighty Xerox Machine. Five young boys working solidly for an hour and a half is a beautiful thing. I got to see the amazing Mr F. (a sub in the district, he was a young man in San Hoe shortly after The War, yup, That One). He is the closest person in my life to a holy man. When I have doubts about christianity, knowing someone like Mr F is so encouraging. He exudes life, goodness and gentleness, there isn't a shred of bitterness or guile. He was telling me that he had returned from Japan yesterday. (!) I want to be travelling all over the world when I am 80.

I got another nose bleed today. Another sign that this Valley is not the place for me. Every once in a while I think that I should move here and save money. I don't think it would be worth it.

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