Friday, October 15, 2004

I am waiting for my class. school spirit music is blasting from the
playground. Life is better since the PTA meeting is out of the way and the,
uh, er, moon,uh, phase, is more propitious than it was yesterday. I could
get used to free food and watching a movie every night (last nights showing,
"Catch me if you can" another identity flick). My creative output has been
nil. I don't think I could live here and make anything. My lips are still
permanently chapped, I think I am going to pick up some chap stick.

I have now accepted the fact that I can't do this directly from work. I
suppose it protects my privacy as well.

A child just had a breakdown in class. I didn't have to deal with him, the
Inimitable One did. She amazes me, she makes dealing with an enraged,
kickng, screaming, obscenity howling child look like cake, all while wearing
her chanel.

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