Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I just returned from Muttonham. I followed a huge black Hummer, lic plate H24MAX. I try not to cultivate attitudes about superficial things about people. I try not to judge them by haircuts, or clothing or whether or not I think they are dumb. It was hard, following this individual for nearly 30 miles, wishing they'd go faster (esp since their fat ass was hogging the fast lane), to suspend judgement. I tried not to think about how better my car's gas mileage is, or what a nice low profile I can maintain on the road. I tried not to think about how ridiculous it is to commute in a Hummer (granted, I am sure those vehicles have legit uses, for crying out loud, not for driving to the frikken Valley). I have seen this person before, he/she is a regular 17 person. I tried not to condemn them for conspicous consumption.

Really, I did.

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