Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My last day in FlipFlop for the week, and I have to spend a couple of hours in Muttonham.

Its a big wah wah. Its only second solid day of working and I am already done. After two months of whining about being poor, now I am going to whine about being busy. Does it ever end? Is balance between life and work possible? (How will I survive [gasp] FIVE MORE DAYS OF THIS!)

Drew Chuck (a famous Pennie model) last night. He shaves everything, except, unexplicably, his armpits and his head. His poor nakid scrotum was large and red (like a fat beefcake tomatoe-- he'd have to yank it out of the way occasionally and he'd grab it quickly by its scruff). I can't imagine its supposed to be that way. I kept trying not to draw it and perversely, it became the focal point of every drawing, except the one I drew where he morphed into a Spaceman.

The Wobbly loaned me his copy of Craig Thompson's Carnet de Voyage. He was right, he said it would make me want to travel. All of a sudden Cambodia is beckoning. I'd like to spend a month. I bet I could do it. I was looking at CT's bio info and he is a couple months younger than I am. I feel like such a hack. I am trying to get all depressed by the boring life I lead. I usually compensate by treating everywhere I am as an exotic place, and it generally works, but people don't really appreciate it (but then again, who cares about "people" if they want to be stuck in some boring place like California, that is their problem). I am inspired to pick up a brush pen and expirement with a less linear drawing style.

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