Saturday, October 30, 2004

I just tore the stubbs off my voter cards. Argh. I read all the blurbs about the propositions and most of the stuff I could find easily on line (yay! league of women voters non-partisan guide). Well, to be honest, I read a lot of it.. but it still doesn't make me feel like I know anything. How can you chose between more debt (in our already debt riddled state) and children's hospitals? Its not that I found the propositions impossible to understand, I just couln't find a nice algorithm for making the decisions. I generally vote for bottom line, except when I really think something is important. That sounds so callous. Argh.

As a voter, what sort of choices do I have? I would really like to vote on whether or not to go after all the money the state lost from the Enron scandal. That would actually be meaningful. Then I wouldn't have to chose between hospitals and evil bonds. I did vote for the millionaires tax, but I don't think that will enrich the state coffers. If you are that rich, you can hire a lawyer to make you look poor. And who came up with all that Indian Gaming crap? What language where they using? What on earth where we supposed to make a decision about. I don't support gambling (whoops, there goes my bottom line mandate... whydoncha legalize child prostitution so you can tax it?). Those props were like random nit-picks. And didn't we already vote on open primaries? Why can't we vote about how the Valley is developed, or whether or not LA County can steal water from Tehama Co? Or whether or not those dumb federal "no child left behind" laws get passed (the feds need to stay out of the frikken classroom). And when you vote for a bond... where does that money come from? They never say. What is up with that?

I feel so ignorant. If I actually cared, i wouldn't have procrastinated til the last minute and I would have done more research instead of griping now that it is too late.

This might be a shocker, I didn't vote for Bush. Between Iraq and his views on education, I just couln't vote for him again. I don't care how often he prays with the Cabinet. And the fear-mongering. All of a sudden I am having nostalgia for Franklin Roosevelt and his gracious leadership of the country through the Depression and WW2. [sigh]

Mmm, gracious. what a lovely idea. Where did that grace go? I don't see it in our leaders right now. but then again, what do I know.. I never watch TV anymore.

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