Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Mall was chaos. The gremlins, goblins, zombies, police (real and fake) the scantily clad gangs of girls followed closely by the lecherous, not-costumed leering old men, the rolls of sushi, the pimp daddies, the frankenstiens, the corpses, the marimba band, the drum circles, the popes and cardinals, the hippies and cholos. They were all there, and more. I love Flip Flop.

Spent the afternoon in Big Shaft watching Sha Sha Higby, a performance artist. The BS crowd was all middle-aged wasp people wearing brightly hand-painted shapeless jackets and wearing hand-made masks. She had the most incredible outfits... all wire and gauze and sparkles and felt. She would shift, exposing all these bits that I hadn't seen before. She had hollow egg-shapes on the stage and she would open them up and they would have little marionettes. Her outfit was like a marionette, with wires and dangly things. She didn't have much of a plot, but watching the old ladies shake rattles at the exciting parts was worth the price of admission.

They were so tame compared to the FlipFloppers. Yup, we know how to get down into the freak groove.

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