Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Item 2, in the mental inventory. More thoughts on art.

Mr S left an intriguing comment on one of his entries. I have been waiting expectantly for an elaboration and nothing so far.

Mr. S's thoughts on art

Somehow I'll have to stumble about on my own.

I was reading my new issue of Juxtapoz and the editor was crowing about how their circulation has surpased that of Art in America. I don't subscribe to A in A becuase I find it so irrelevant to my life (like, dude, do you see me putting up another show?). If I was really rightous, I could find the link. oh, here it is
Juxtapozbut it looks like they don't have their articles on-line. The editor went on to admit that the distinctions between populist (like the stuff your redneck neighbor would airbrush on the side of his Harley) art and fine art (the stuff you might find in a museum) might be blurring. To make matters even more muddled, they had an article on Yoko Ono (argh! I SO don't appreciate her. She falls into the fine art category) AND the Maya show at the De Young (I adore the deyoung, but you really can't get much more bougie than that). Dude, like where are my articles on butt tattoos and reanimated corpse art? Then again, there's the Beautiful Losers show at the yerba Buena center going on RIGHT NOW (with the street/skate art).

Is Damien Hirst going to be designing decks now? I was comfortable with the gulf that separated the two. I aspire to Juxtapoz like I aspire to busking at The Mall (ie, the pacific garden mall). Its homey, and local, and more importantly, do-able. Take that away, what is a little hack like me going to do?

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