Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Item 3

Another revealing conversation with the Sino-Autentico. In the town of Big Shaft, last Saturday.

SA: Americans just don't respect artists like they do in China.

Me: Tell me about how artists are treated there.

SA: People respect them like they are a doctor or a lawyer. They get paid well and are revered.

Me: If the artists are so exalted, then there must be a lot of competition to become one. (I was thinking about how hard it is to become a doctor or a lawyer here)

SA: Oh Yes! There is lots of competition, not every one can do it. People work very very hard.

Me: I got into art because of the lack of competition, I don't think I could've hacked it in China. (Gee, am I even hacking it here in America?)

SA: Ha ha ha

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