Monday, November 1, 2004

crazy day. I am finally home after 15 hours of being away from my beddy-bye.

Another Entry about Nothing At All.

I am staring at the keyboard, and nothing except *?* is really coming right now. I stopped keeping a physical diary when i started this in April, and now I am kind of regretting it. This is so much more complicated in a lot of ways. On the one hand I have the thrill of getting feedback and support and dialogue. Which is all very cool. But then I can't go off like I did in my journal about personal stuff and the ol' inner mindscape. I suppose I could, but it seems like it would at best be TMI and at worse boring. There are plenty of topics I have been avoiding just becuase they are the verbal equivalent of dirty sheets. Then there are technical problems related to putting together comics that will prolly be less than riveting to most people. Oh, dear readers, look at the turmoil I go through to bring you a readable blog! Tho' its thrilling that people care at all. yay!

To wit, nothing blog-worthy happened today. A few simple pleasures (yum , queso fresco at Mi Puebla and a fresh gala apple). A few annoyances, rude drivers and bad lane changes (mea culpa). A trip to Ridder Park for supplies at RAFT (I always feel like a wannabe when I go there, like my credentials are just not cool enough for them). Spent a dulcet afternoon researching the future submarine at the fine Mutton View Library.

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