Wednesday, November 3, 2004

In the last 24 hours I received two cards (!?) from nice men. Are they eligible men? No, but it was a nice thought, nonetheless.

The progress of my Jane-Austen-Novel-Life is really slow. I have met plenty of Willoughbys and other assorted odds and ends, but no Mr Darcy. Groan Mumble Mumble. I am at the part where our heroine is shooting the crack into her vein. No, I meant our heroine is chatting interminably with her sympathetic girl friends.

Yay Girl Friends


I can't believe the elections. Its unbelievable. The KPFA people are whining about it, its rainy and drippy here in Flip Flop (cuz even the weather is liberal here). Why did Clinton win and Kerry lose? I supposed it is erroneous to compare the two. Bush does not embody Christian principles, just for the record. Dammit.

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