Sunday, November 7, 2004

Exciting Mail Report

Last summer I subscribed to The Comics Journal. I really hadn't picked it up before, but I thought that I needed the education if I am going to pursue this artform. My first copy arrived yesterday (they have an interesting way of calculating 4-6 weeks), and it is pretty much as I expected, lots of comics and interviews. As I was flipping through, I came across a section that was entirely text. Yup, you read that correctly... pages and pages of unmitigated text. I intrigued, I looked closer. Imagine my surprise when I came across sentences like this,

"The modern Many in its parochialism and mundaneness has no clue what the mass-organized forces of modern government are capable of, how prodigiously vested interests are able to cloak and shelter themselves with looted resources." (pg 194, Oct/Nov issue of the Comics Journal, The Crypto-Revolution of Our Age by Kenneth Smith)

Apologies to Mr Smith. Its been so long since I have written a paper, I have forgotten how to correctly, uh, site something. I have gotten about half way through (I had to put on my thinking cap) and it seems to be some anarchist article about the failure of our modern democratic government (from everything from governing well, to educating the masses, which, by the way, aren't all created equal, some are dumber than others). I am getting the sense that I, The Reader, belong to a Special Group, because I can Decode This Bullshit. Yes, I am a part of the Intelligentsia. I can see through the the Lies of the Special Interest Groups, the Plutarchy Can't Pull anything on Me, Cuz I Read the Comics Journal.

The freaky thing is, its so seductive. His use of language (yum yum, all those 35 cent words that I don't have to look up) makes me feel so righteous. I feel a little bid ridiculous critiquing his ideas since I haven't read the whole thing. Maybe he is being ironic and subtle, illustrating absurdity by being absurd.

Exciting Party Report

The Mountain People have done it again. Radio Science was a total blast. I got to be Sherlock Holmes, the brilliant and witty sleuth (mostly by default, nobody else wanted to do it). I wore a fabulous blue hat with netting and a hat pin that belonged to my great-grandmother. The invitation specified 40's era clothing. I had a few choices in my modest vintage collection. My silhouette was so spiff, the swoop of the hat, the shoulder pads in my vintage jacket accentuating the tiny waist all added up to a very hot look (or so I thought). I didn't meet any dashing latin musicians like I did at the last Radio Science party. There were more bachelors there than there was at the friday night party (they both happened in the same tiny, dark, mountain town, weird, eh?) but, sadly, I didn't clock any more flirting hours.

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