Monday, November 8, 2004

Another Exciting Dental Report

My dentist is really professional. I arrived at 3:00. I cut a cheque at 3:02. I was ushered into the examining room at 3:10. I don't remember much after that... a red q-tip. Waiting for shots that never came (that topical was the bomb, evidentally). She drilled.. didn't feel a thing. Did she drill? I am not completely sure. While the dentist put the stuff on my tooth (it sounded like campho-quinine, but maybe she said campho- argh! I can't remember- I can SEE it... the bottle of it from Chem, was it really so long ago? Was it even pink? I associated litmus with it... buffers... titrations...) she drilled (ha ha) the two aides like it was passover. They didn't do very well... I knew the answers but there was a ton of cotton in my mouth, thank God I couldn't show off. She lectured them about polymers, reactions, frequencies of light and etchers. I felt sorry for them since neither of them appeared to be native english speakers. I take comfort in the fact they probably make more money than I do.

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