Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Our neighbor is blowing his leaves. Somehow I find that irritating. What is wrong with sweeping them (zero emissions) and then composting them (zero emissions + compost).

Of course, I shouldn't talk... the girl who drives 80 miles every day.

I am just a bit grumpy. I taught a fifth grade class today. I think they are not so bright. The lesson was too hard for them (which makes it even more a ridiculous waste of time) and the teacher didn't help at all. She interrupted me and had me change what they were doing, then she chastized me at the end because her instructions gummed up the whole thing. I didn't have the balls to point that out to her, besides, Mighty 85 was quickly filling to capacity as we spoke and all I could think about was getting to 17 before the freeway turned into a pumpkin.

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