Thursday, November 18, 2004

Flamenco Zen

Flamenco was really challenging today. I am a kinesthetic retard. The teacher had to hold my hand and help me across the floor. Its good for ego annihilation. Who needs an ego anyways? I try to get rid on mine regularly, but it keeps popping back. I like being reminded about what it is like to feel like a child/student. To be on the other side of the podium. To feel the humiliation of being singled out in front of my peers and to FAIL FAIL FAIL.

Speaking of, I think the M*ster's friend might be a phone-tards. This chick just called four times to try to leave a message. The first time I picked up she said she wanted to talk to the M*ster. I offered to give her the new number so she could call her directly. She said that the M*ster said that her voice mail wasn't set up yet. Then I offered to leave her a physical note. No good. So I told her to call again, and press 2. So she calls. I ignore it. The second call. Then the phone rings again, its the same chick. Still unidentified. I ask her did she not just call? Yes she did, but she dropped her phone (?) and couldn't leave a message. We hang up and the phone rings again. Again I ignore it. Out of a perverse curiousity, I check to see if I have a message. I do. Its from her. She identifies herself as "me". The M*ster will never get it in my mail box. how many times does a person have to cal before it becomes harassment? I am sure "me" is a very nice person, I have prolly even met her. Why, why is this so hard? Why me? Why this evening? Argh.

I think this day officially falls into the "rough" day category. I should go get something alcoholic and then take a long soak in the tub and lick my wounds.

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