Thursday, November 18, 2004

"Do not use on unexplained calf pain"

I have a monent to myself this morning. I could leap onto the freeway now and just sit around in traffic for a while OR I could sit around here and sweat over making it in time. This morning, I chose the latter.

My radio alarm got set to a very conservative christian station this morning. Today's message was "You sow what you reap" The speaker included the stock story about the kid who steals candy and then steals toys and then he steals cars and comes to a bad end in prison. "He even brought his stolen candy to church!" Then it causes me to wonder? Have I been stealing candy lately? Nope. Though I lifted some really crummy paper in the art room that I know for a fact the art teacher is going to recycle, in fact she gave me permission to take it. I love my conscience, it doesn't let me get away with anything. What next in the slippery slope of kleptomania? Staples! Stealing time from the internet? Arghhhhhh!

Guilty Guilty Guilty!

After staples, what next? Furniture? office equipment? Large ticket items? I can see the headlines now... teacher's crime gang empties entire contents of school, children arrive to empty rooms... "what is this going to do to their test scores," the parents wail.

I didn't catch the actual name of the speaker nor I didn't recognize his voice. He listed a lot of sins like "watching TV and Movies" which I am hardly guilty of. (cling to that tiny shred of righteousness, sinnah!) I couldn't believe what a stereotypical and negative sermon it was (granted, I didn't hear the whole thing). I could play the whole guilt track ad nauseum. It is one of my mutant powers. He made an allusion to sowing in the Spirit.. which I wish he would have elaborated. I want to sow in the Spirit!

I cleansed my mind with some GKC... yay.. the section I read was from Manalive... Innocent Smith dragged a pair of self-righteous priests on a mad house-breaking adventure, to illustrate that what they said from the pulpit was a much graver sin. I love his brand of christianity... lots of stress on appreciating the beauty around us and doing right by our neighbors and less on the dogmatic-you-should-feel-crappy crap (a place you should visit, but not settle permanently in).

Whoops! its time to go!

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