Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Subj: blog entry
Date: 11/17/04 11:43:39 AM Pacific Standard Time

Commuting is Fun Again

Mrs S and I had a great morning getting stuck in all the traffic
between her home and San Hoe. I got to learn about the cool things
her dad does (" I only have one degree of separation between me and
just about any world leader you can name" "He's the Jimmy Carter of
the Christian World" "He couldn't return my phone call because
Burkina Faso doesn't have any reception") AND that Flip Flop is
renowned for its the sapphic leanings of many of her female residents.
("What rock have you been living under?") (Well, I had noticed, but
after attending the trader joe opening last year in Amhurst MA and
I was overwhelmed by the pairs of crusty women... I would have thought they wore the crown. NY and I were the only het pair there. Flip flop
doesn't come close, but maybe I just hang out at the wrong grocery

I wonder what I will learn on the trip home.

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