Saturday, November 13, 2004

Saturday Morning Wah Wahs

I am looking at my schedule this weekend at it already feels like it is over. I am not even sure I will make it back to my house tonight.

I am going to apologize for the spelling again. Its not that I don't care, its just that H's Machine doesn't support blogger spell check (the entire row of buttons is always suspiciously absent). Or maybe its a part of the same conspriracy that prevents me from blogging from work. BTW, I haven't checked since we got the new operating system (maybe in addition to erasing my work-related e-mail addresses AND my righteous work-related bookmarks, perhaps they forgot they don't like blogger?). I am terrified of the internet dossier they are keeping on me. What if they find out about my friendster addiction? Its not that I expect privacy at work, its just that its weird adjusting to not having any. (For crying out loud, its their computer, their time, their chair, their children)

I was just taking this five minutes of free time to browse the immortal BUST recommended web-boutiques. Yum, lots of fun stuff. If there was an easy was of giving you my BUST favorites folder, I'd do it. heck, Maybe I just will. This is for you, KP.

Cool felt flowers from the Town I Won't Mention.

Knit Naughty Bits

The Red Cross Knit Kit

This chick will build you a dress. I could build you one too, if I had the time.

This chick will make you a purse with a car badge on it. Good idea, I think brilliant designer/thief at SCRC will come up with something like that in the near future.

This is Carolee, and she rocks. I use her sketchbooks. Now if only she made them with 110 lb paper... I'd give up the goat books entirely

The Goat Books

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