Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Call me Barbie.

327 is empty. I am wearing a new outfit. The little gap thingy skirt, the brooklyn tee-shirt (picked up in the uppity highland town), and flip flops. The XL black jacket with the green stitching attracted the attention of a nice little shop boy I met on the way to drop things off at the goodwill. he bought a wallet and I bought a gift for the kneebiter. The dude was, like, totally, SO METRO. He wanted the wallet to replace his dirty skivvy purse. He showed it to me... a little orange purse in the shape of men's briefs. And it was indeed filthy. I left him as he gleefully switched his money into the clean, vegan, rubber wallet. I told him that I used absolutely no animal products at all in the producion, going as far as the authentic nylon thread (the stupid joke being; there are no commonly used animal product sewing threads).


We at SCRC do our best to rescue people from their lame accoutrements at every opportunity.

I sold a rubber purse today, as well. To the amazing Mrs S. I met her mother again, too. The resemblance was striking. On a house tour, I took them to the backyard and showed them the grounds, and I had a bunch of my new purchases drying on the line. I mentioned that I got a strapless dress.

the conversation follows

Me: I don't know what sort of a bra I am going to get..
The Muthah: there is a substance nurses use as staging medium for large, gaping open wounds.
Me: (I can swing with just about any conversational drift.. didn't mean to bring up my breasts in the first place). Really
TM: Yes, it soft and has a gentle adhesive that won't rip your skin. They put it around the massive wounds so the bandages have something to adhere to.
Me: indeed
TM: Yeah, my father had a huge gaping abdominal wound and I used it on him. It took six months to heal. it was tough
me [sympathetic nod]
TM: We used it all the time. It was great stuff.
Me [slight bemusement, waiting for the punch... getting a significant glance from Mrs S)
TM: [slightly exasperated] You can use it to {here she made the universal hand gesture for boobs} hold them up!
Me [slowly the light is dawning] Ah... that sounds like a great idea. My sister is fond of duct tape, but I can't imagine putting that on my skin.
TM: Oh yeah, duct tape is too stiff. There is a special cream you can get to make it easier to get this stuff off, you know, so its harder to reopen the wounds.
Me: gotcha. :)

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