Monday, December 20, 2004

Show and Tell

Just returned from a thrifting marathon with the Inimitable One. Pardon me while I have a total Girly Moment.

we visited
2 Salvation Army Stores
1 Goodwill
The Junior League Store
The Town Boys School Store
various consignment shops with lots of Prada where I didn't buy anything
Crossroads, in the City

not that I think anyone of you cares.. But I just have to share

2 pairs of Docs (yes, the nineties aren't over boots and Mary janes)
1 pair of stilletos, for decorative purposes (what, you think I would wear those!)
one naval uniform dress shirt (to add authenticity to the submarine experience)
two funky vintage polyester dresses (they would look great with fishnets and combat boots! said the IO)
one black velvet dress
one pair of jeans (a coup!)
one cotton candy pink 60's ere a-line coat
3 summery knee length skirts
electric blue Doc knock -offs (whats there to think about!)
plum euro slip ons
2 brown sweaters.. a slinky one for me and a manly one for dad
a betsy johnson dress and a slinky bebe shirt for sis
two floor length outragious skirts for flamenco
1 purple cashmere scarf (maybe a gift, maybe not)
strapless cotton dress that fits perfect (if one of you gents takes me out for dinner, you might get the priviledged of seeing me in it)
little black shirt (I don't have enough)
dark blue velvet button down French shirt
black denim jacket with green stitching (I lost the blue wrangler I had before)
nifty polyester cargo pants and a matching skirt
vintage beige brocade bolero jacket. I have NO IDEA why I bought this. its pretty. I have no idea what I will wear it with.. somehow I think the combat boot/fishnet solution won't work.

The IO joked that I didn't leave anything left for any one else. Ha Ha. I keep forgetting that I have a body that is significantly easier to shop for than it was in the past (nigh impossible to look good in anything when you weigh 200 lbs) so when I find stuff that looks good, I buy it. I think I need to get pickier. It was so much fun. Tomorrow I will do some major laundry and take a trip to the local dry cleaner. I am going to have to make room in my already bursting closet... I think a trip to drop things off at the goodwill is in order.

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