Sunday, December 26, 2004


was loverly. food, family from all over, cute babies, midnight mass at St Ignatius with the paterfamilias. A nice vacation from my life. I just returned to find the pile of bills waiting for me on the fridge and the mess in my room. it was all very wholesome and uplifting. My mother cooked up an incredible storm (no aspic this year, sadly) she even made sweet potatoe pie sans refined sugar (did that stop me from gorging on Joe-Joes?). she also taught me how to make a rue (the foundation for many soups and sauces). Its great having a mom who can cook. La tia loca made an appearance but had to leave early cuz tomorrow she is joining a cult for three and half months is St Louis, KY (I don't know that it is a cult... it just sounds weird and religious).

dirty grandpas

learned some more juicy family history... my father's father not only was a pedophile and a jailbird, he also had a collection of dirty super 8 movies. It just gets worser and worser. I am curious... were they movies that he shot? (how creative of him) or collected. How dirty were they? Who did porn in the super 8 format, anyways? My uncle B was the last one who had them... (along with grandpa's photo equipment... seems like everyone in my family is into pictures, dirty and otherwise).

coffee with Uncle Palomar

Through some misunderstanding el tio y la tia palomar didn't know there were invited to Christmas, so it was my job to bring christmas to them. I stopped off with a bunch of stuff and fortunately ran into el tio in the foyer. (el palomar is sans un concierge and sans a phone, and the elevator is locked... so I am never sure how to let them know I am there). he took the booty and insisted on coffee at starbucks (I ordered decaf.. it was undrinkable straight). I spent an hour with him hearing about the crazy goings on at the Palomar, the wacky people on the radio (namely art bell, and Dr Stan), his favorite conspiracy theories and other sundries (there is a trader joes now!). he railed about "rich people," gave me grief for going to a private college, and led me on a conversational wild goose chase that ended with william jefferson... william jefferson..... clinton.

ah, family, God love 'em.

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