Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I have decided pompous asses are not in my future. His picture is really tiny (only the thumbnail showed up) and he is reaching for the camera... its not flattering at all. And he looks oldish. I had no idea was such an agist. Its such a turn-off.

he actually says "vocally endowed" Like my voice ought to have big breasts.

I am fighting the urge to write him back. I feel it would be as asinine and pointless as flipping off bad drivers on the Seventeen.

Hello Camille and Merry Christmas,

Yes, I am interested in meeting a woman with a similar
ethical background but with an important caveat. I am
looking for that special someone who has an examined
faith as opposed to a simple, unchallenged set of

You say that you are, "friggen smart" and intellect
for me is a must. I have to wonder though, why is it
necessary for you to say so rather than let me
discover such a thing? Usually a sharp mind is
evident, the matter speaks for itself, no?

As for the physical details, I am open-minded within
reason. I am no longer the 21 year old with abs like
a man-hole cover either but a reasonable respect for
ones body is a good sign.

I am also interested in a vocally endowed woman. For
some reason a beautiful woman's voice or women singing
in harmony can melt me.

I am attaching a photo as I believe it is etiquette
and reciprocity is appreciated.

Warmest Regards and a Blessed holiday,
camille wrote
> the judeo-christian ethics thingy caught my eye...
> jus looking for a nice christian dude...
> I am 29... an artist in flip flop.. on break from
> teaching right now... its nearly 2 AM, so don't
> take this e-mail too seriously... I am far too lazy
> to scan a pic right now... but I am brunette,
> rubenesque (but not obese, dammit!)(Of anglo
> hispanic heritage.. not that it matters), I sing in
> the choir (soprano, baby), I am friggen smart and
> sarcastic, I drive photographers crazy (don't ask me
> why), i am extremely picky with whom I date... you
> probably won't pass muster, but what the hell...
> e-mail is cheap.
> Camille>

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