Friday, December 31, 2004

The Contessa and I had a fabulous time last night. After gorging ourselves on chicken/peanut sauce and sushi at Clouds (Flip Flop is a small town, our server was none other than our very own porshe-owning, woman-conquering next door neighbor, Ivan). Did I mention the bread pudding? The contessa found it a bit too dry, but I loved it.

The contessa looked fabulous in a flaming red silk shirt and a black skirt (from the legendary J Peterman-- she should have her own entry in the catalog). I wore my vintage black I.Magnin velvet hat, the beige brocade vintage jacket and a little black dress (becuase restraint is always in style). Since it was pouring, I opted for sensible mary janes. We had a blast eating and talking.

I got a compliment from the metro sales-boy at Urban Outfitters.


I got dissed by the doctor I found on eHarmony. He said he already was in a relationship. Whatever. I need to go back to gold-digger's school.

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