Sunday, January 2, 2005

eharmony conundrums

Well, Miss, would you like a little "intellectual stimulation" with that rich doctor in San Francisco?

Or would you prefer a more suburban type with an MFA and a 6 digit income?

Oh, and here are ten more doctors/ engineers from the Peninsula. One of them mentioned a "house". (its not clear from his profile whether or not he owns it)

How about a heartfelt visually impaired youth pastor? I would hate to be a handicapped man. He seems very sweet, but what would you live on? Pastors make no money. I feel really crummy saying this, but I am tired of being poor, and there is no way I could support someone else on my income. Why does money matter? I feel so unidealistic.

Or a hottie in San Ramon? His friends say he looks like Brad Pitt.

My head is swimming with all the possibilties. Ten more matches appeared on my list. They all look very eligible.

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