Tuesday, December 14, 2004

House Bonding!

The entire house took advantage of the gift certificate to Clouds that has been sitting on our fridge for the last 3 months. We walked downtown (barely avoiding the drunk chicanos... "dude, all I said was buenos noches" and other scary night critters). After we arrived, we carefully ordered so it would be fair and that we would have enough for tax and tip (I hate being on a budget). The poor waiter prolly hated us, we asked in the middle of the meal, what the tab was. We ordered cocktails and sushi. My cocktail was so strong, you could taste the alcohol. I thought the whole idea of adding all that other stuff was to make you think you weren't having heavy alcohol. I guess I am wrong about that. The sushi was the best I'd had. On our way out, we ran into Anu, our back door neighbor. It was the first time we had that many 327ers somewhere besides 327. She informed us that the power was out at the house. And lo, when we arrived, it was quite dark. We lit the candles and the M*Ster and I played carols at the piano. We tried valiantly. We managed to muddle through a few.

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