Thursday, December 23, 2004

I have been trolling c-list for sex. No, not really... there were about five christian men that I e-mailed. I didn't send pictures, so I expect this was an exercize in futility. It was L's idea... I'll blame her. She seemed to imply that i should be proactive...

c-list men suck. I dunno why I am wasting my time, mebbe I am too bored to go to sleep.

check out this quote...

"Stop pretending that you don't want to get laid...playing hard to get and all that crap. That's so dated! Grow up will ya.
I think a lot of the 32yrs+ women are more level headed than the rest of the 'girls'.
Good luck!"

like, dude, luck includes a moron like you?

the m*ster says I should look at the suckers on

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