Thursday, December 23, 2004

Once again the line between pathetic and retarded blurs...

No More drunken craigslisting for you, Bad girl, bad bad girl!

I found this in my inbox this morning... from some craigslist dude. A little background... his ad was grousing about the shortage of pick-ups at the local bars here in Flip Flop. he also mentioned the shortage of ovaries (hence my emphatic gonad announcement) And its true... the H*ster and I go to bars a few times a year when we have money in our pockets and are truly truly bored. I was going to ask what possessed me to e-mail this particular gent, and I was going to make excuses.

I might just ask you to go have a drink.

camille wrote...
> dude,
> I am in flip flop and I have fuckin ovaries. what
> are you gonna do about dat' ?
> yeah.. the bar scene here is pretty pathetic (I
> never go to meet anyone.. mostly just to drink..
> duh)
> me, 29.. an art teacher (I am one of those wack
> commuters) rubenesque and too frikken lazy to scan a
> pic in (I will if you ask nicely) smart... mostly
> too busy (teaching, writing comix, publishing,
> terrorizing my friends)


I never use the word "comix" when I am sober... I think it sound pretentious. argh... this is too painful

Another dude e-mailed me... I told him I wasn't into hippies and people who were in touch with their chakras.

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