Saturday, December 4, 2004

Just got back from hanging with the Celestial Being. She really wanted to see 1984, so we rented it, and it is every bit as dreary and paranoia-inducing as I thought it would be. She had never read the book, so I had to explain half the things to her. I hadn't remembered how disgusting the rats were.

This afternoon we combed the outskirts of civilization looking for a record player that played 78's. Let me modify that... a cheap, used record player that played 78's. Sadly, we had no luck, but I found a nice set of bowls for mummy. I did find lots of old photographs, but I didn't buy any just cuz I don't need any more "collage material." (I have boxes and boxes of the stuff cluttering my room).

The DSL is great, but no major life changes, or epiphanies. I don't have a new spiritual reality or anything of that sort. It is better than dial-up. Technology always promises more than it delivers. But that is the way it has always been. I do appreciate it, though.

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