Saturday, December 4, 2004

I am on the verge of turning on the heater. The thermostat is indicating 50 degrees. I keep thinking I am going to leave and run errands, and then I just find another bill to pay and then its time to do another load of laundry.

I need to go shopping. I wonder if there will be another hostage situation at New Leaf. I would have thought the local natural food store was a relatively safe place, but you never know in these uncertain times.

Double Standards

I noticed two disturbing things this week.

Item 1: The Mayan Exhibit at the Legion. It included a lot of whimsical clay characters that were portraits of prisoners of war. I liked them a lot... the faces were expressive, the craftmanship was excellent, details abounded. As I enjoyed them, I didn't think too much about the real human suffering that they documented.

Item 2: The Navy Seal story that is plastered all over the internet about the wife who posted pictures of her husband posing with Iraqi POWs. I was upset on a lot of levels. (Tasteless, sadistic, stupid).

Why is one socially acceptable and the other isn't? Do we give the Mayan artists points for being more creative? For being dead and from the distant past? Their victims are dead, and no longer can object. The Mayan show wasn't disturbing to me until I heard about the Navy Seal story. Now the Mayans seem creepy. And the Seals, too. And the entire human race. Everybody sucks.

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