Friday, December 3, 2004

10:30 The Institution

The crash of silence in my room is nearly deafening. I am not sure when I am going to be able to post this. Our big plans for DSL have hit a hitch, but we have one of the best minds in the Greater San Hoe area working on it.

The Amazing Mr H got it working. 327 must honor his amazing effort. Wow, I can actually make a phone call right now. Hmmm, who will be the lucky recipient? The blogger window has all of the buttons and stuff, I will have no excuse for typos.

Last Night When Orion Came Down.

I was coming home from Flamenco (I still suck), heading East on Grant, and Orion reared up in front of me. Its sides were brushing the tops of the trees that are in the creek. It was huge and as bright as the street lights. The night seems so much more immediate in the winter.

I woke up this morning with a word in my head.

Tagarim: the dialect of Hebrew spoken by Filipino Jews. I would suspect it sounds guttural and angry. This is what happens when the Mr H the linguist stays over. The walls are thin, in addition to conducting all sorts of embarrassing sounds, it also must admit weird Brain Vibes. Mr H says that it more accurately means Filipino Jews, and not the language. Speaking of, I think the Yeti made a brief visit last night. I heard the swishing of a polyester jump suit. Oh the Intrigue.

When I came home this evening there was evidence that a man used the toilet and that not only is this person's aim bad, but that he is inconsiderate as well, since the TP tube was empty. The M*ster would never leave an empty tube... Could it possibly have been the Yeti?

12:45 The Institution
I am ready for a nap. Lunch was delicious. And the Inimitable One
gave me chocolate. I am feeling like I am fighting a bug right now.
She and I were going to hang out this evening, but as soon as I told
her that I would have to poop-out, she was on the phone with her new
BF. The thought of driving an hour an a half tonight just to get home
wasn't very comforting, I could literally hear the germs cheering. So
I decided to take it easy and cancel our plans. Evidently, he was
going to cook for us, and he was that very minute buying groceries, so
she wanted him to know that there was only going to be the two of them.
I am a bit relieved to be out of that situation, tho' I am sure he is
nice, he prolly would have just been waiting for me to go. I don't
enjoy not being the center of attention.

So now I am at home sitting in the cold, with no other company except you, dear reader. Did I make the right choice? Hopefully my voice will recover in time for the three-hour rehearsal tomorrow morning. Ah, the thought of waking up to Flip Flop Town is utterly lovely.

Sat in the car this morning thinking about the next submarine. I love
exploiting day dreaming for constructive purposes. The sailors are
having lots of drama. I can hardly wait to get back to the next one.
I hope the papers aren't permanently buried under piles of rubber junk.
I have been struggling the last few weeks trying to decide whether to
focus on rubber or the submarine/comic book writing. Both projects are
compelling, but I have my subscribers to think of, and I haven't had
any more rubber commissions.

I think the Submarine is winning this round. I think I am in love with the new character. He He.

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