Wednesday, December 1, 2004

A Strangely Satisfying Day.

Today I indulged my Inner Adult. I paid rent. I Carpooled with the Unstoppable Mrs S. I did Important Paperwork. I taught children. I Made Business Calls (cha-ching!). I Learned Exotic Spanish Folk Dances. I got to Put Off an An Annoying Computer Programmer (a dude I met at the class-- I think he likes me, at least he followed me to my car and feigned interest in my life, then heartless bitch that I am, I drove off without giving him my phone number).

Dating computer programmers is so, like, 1999. I am, like totally, over them. Dude.

I got to practice Zen as the Unstoppable Mrs S navigated my car over 17 during traffic. I have gotten to the point where she can be shooting at hair-rasing speeds towards parked cars down a steep hill on a crowned curve and my blood pressure doesn't spike. OK, maybe it does, just a little. Tadpole, your life is ephemeral, get over it already. We bonded over Weird Al and the newest Cake album. Yup, we aren't going to impress anyone. Dammit.

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