Friday, January 14, 2005

Day 2 of the swollen gland thingy

I just finished knitting and finishing my neck warmer. Everybody was teasing me last night. Mrs S "wasn't feeling it." Granted, it looks like some weirdo thing your grandma would knit, but boy, does it feel good on my persecuted lymph nodes. Laugh all you want, my neck is warm. I am grateful that there were human beings out there who wanted my company, even if I was all germy.

Hm, maybe I will leave the oppressive confines of 327 and venture out... out where? I feel like a pariah. I need one of those "unclean" signs on my chest. Mebbe I'll take my neck warmer to the knitting store and the cookie company. Yum Yum. I need some sort of milk substitute to pour over my brown rice. Will she get up? Will she get dressed?

ridiculous and pointless eharmony update.
"royce" the bald (hubba hubba) oncology nurse from over da' hill wrote all these deep questions. I tried to answer them without sounding pretentious.

I failed.

He made the mistake of asking me about "art" and my favorite authors. Of course I had to say why they were my faves and illustrate my points with allusions to passages and generous helpings of purple prose. And to top it off, he asked me about what I thought manly character traits were. I HAD to discuss that archetypal man-in-my-life, my father. There was no way I couldn't. I know some girl mouthing off about what a saint her dad is, is like one of the top ten turn offs ever. Its his fault, he asked for it. Urgh. Its painful. What could I do? I couldn't discuss some imaginary, sterling dream boat. How pointless would that be?

How does one discuss things close to one's heart without sounding like a complete idiot?

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