Friday, January 14, 2005

I am feeling pretty peachy. The placebo effect of just going to have one's glands prodded by an MD can't be underestimated.

Diagnosis is viral pharyngitis. Buh-dump bump!

Actually, I had a nice time. I visited the doctor that the M*ster works for. She has an office at the Water Street Complex. It was really nice not having to go to a hospital.

She gave me lots of smelly herbs in a foul tincture, a german homeopathic remedy and the instruction to lay off sugar (good thing I had the cookies before I went) and eat garlic and drink water.

check, check check.

Anti-Pharyngitis Soup

1 Celery Root, cut up in pieces, baked for an hour at 375, drizzled with butter and italian herbs

as much raw garlic as you can find in your fridge

bag of fresh parsley (cuz who wants to eat white soup?)

soymilk (cuz cow milk makes you congested)

butter (sweet ambrosia)

bouillon, cup and a half

make a rue,

puree the garlic, bouillon and celery root until smooth

combine and voila!

yum yum, you can't have any of mine, cuz i accidentally double dipped. Ha ha, its all mine mine mine!

wash it down with whole grain naan and a mug of green tea with the Tincture!

and call me in the morning~

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