Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ha Ha!

Manifesto Update.

Pat-of-the-woods, you'll remember from our last episode, wrote that he didn't like women who flirt. You saw my reply.

He wrote again, saying that he sensed "many incompatibilities." Ha! I'll say. To be fair, he also said many nice things, complimenting my intelligence and my taste in books of the bible. My reply was headed "au revoir." Nuff said.

Bough-ha-ha-ha-ha! I remain obstinately single.

I think there is a conspiracy. For all of my whining, I think I must like being single. I don't feel like I like being single, but there seems to be a font of glee that springs up in my heart when these things don't work out. Granted, Pat-of-the-woods, didn't really whet my appetite for a relationship.

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