Wednesday, January 5, 2005

I was amazingly productive at work. Not only did I deliver 8 exciting art lessons to grateful and talented students, I also answered e-mails, picked up a delivery of rubber, wrote an agenda for tomorrow's meeting, signed my timecard AND checked my box plus I spent two hours learning Sevillanas (the flamenco-like folk dance) and I ate a burrito.

yum yum

Additionally I traveled 80 miles by car, and a good three miles via pieds.

I danced with a woman today who looked shockingly like my old Hebrew teacher. Then later, after she left, I found out she was my old Hebrew teacher.

And the taboo word for the day is "synagogue"

Funny story. My dancing teacher is very ortho-Jewish and I have had the pleasure of her friendship for a long time. Once, back in mah 'Tola days, I had the stupidity to mention the messianic temple (where I briefly took Hebrew) in Los Gatos. The words were barely out of my mouth when she gave me a look that cut me off in mid-sentence. "Those people are not Jews," she said. I never brought it up again.

After class was over, I told my teacher how that woman looked just like someone I knew in Los Gatos... (I stopped there, not wanting to reopen any, er, cultural wounds). She said, "why yes, she goes that messianic... thingy."

Actually, they call it a "temple" but "synagogue" has such a better ring to it. I don't know why. Does any one know? Is "synagogue" stale or something? Is it uncool, or too Jewish? Too Gentile? Is it a term baptists use? I am always attracted to underdog words, so its got a cherished spot in my personal lexicon.

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