Friday, January 7, 2005


2 rainbows
1 Zillion raindrops
45 kindergardeners
45 clay hearts
30 fifth graders
1 blown fuse
1 clock radio whose snooze button was out (see above)
1 dark room
1 dark bathroom
0 wrecks on the freeway in my direction
1 free jamba juice smoothie
1 compliment on my haircut (!?)
2 hands that are working today (yay!)
1 little silver car that never hydroplaned this morning
1 zillion fellow commuters who can drive in the rain without mishap
1 lazy friday afternoon
1 potential walk with the Inimitible One
3 funny and thought provoking questions from Mike In San Francisco (via
eharmony's safe and anonymous question process)
0 evil e-mails

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